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The Green Bay, Wisconsin chapter of Belegarth. Alstroth was founded by Deisu October 10th 2011. Deisu became interested in Belegarth the year before graduating after coming into contact with soft-touch LARP systems such as Rampant. Slowly he expanded, mostly thanks to Stix, into more combat focused battles on his campus with many friends. Over time these friends, and new ones, came together over the next year to form both an on campus LARP/Boffo club and a Belegarth realm. While Deisu did head up the creation of Alstroth, and much of its footwork, there was a fairly large community that had stake in its construction by the time it was ready to be formed in full.

Alstroth Alstroth is a land of cold and ice, seated deep in the north of the continent. Embroiled in numerous wars of varying ferocity it is supported by warriors from the War Clans of the Wastes, the honorable Icehand Army, and the surviving Titans of the Frozen War.

Practices are on SNC's campus in front of the Campus Center on Sundays 1pm to 6pm, Mondays 6pm to 11pm and Thursdays 6pm to 11pm.

Membership We have roughly twenty active members, and are looking for more to join our ranks!

For more information you may at any time contact Alstroth at

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