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The Wausau, WI chapter of Belegarth.

Year Started: 2011

Originally the Wausau Area Boffer Club (W.A.B.C.) was started by Yuugata and a previous friend of his. Due to personal differences Yuugata left and started the Wausau Struggle League (W.S.L.), which then changed to the Wausau Battle Gaming Club (W.B.G.C.). After doing research on different battle gaming groups such as Amtgard, Dagohir, and of course, Belegath, Yuugata decided to change his club for the final time into the Bull Falls Crusaders Realm.

At the time being we are a small Realm with roughly 4 members, but like any Belegarth Realm, we are looking to expand.

Practices are in Wausau, WI at Marathon Park during the warm months (April-September) and Vertigo Diner during the cold months (October-March) on Saturdays at 1 p.m.
Website: <Bull Falls Crusaders>

For more information you may contact our group e-mail at BullFallsCrusaders@groups.facebook.com. Or you may contact Yuugata at akamoron@hotmail.com.

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