Dexus Ironpaw

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Race: Faoladh (Shape shifting werewolf of Irish origin, known for protecting the wounded and weak in battle.)

Realm: Talinor

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board, Red, Archery

Started Fighting: 2007

Lore: Dexus is a product of old magic created into a world constantly at war his role is to assist those wounded or too weak to defend themselves. Though possesing a powerful canine form gifted by Gaia, he chooses to present himself as a tall,slim, red haired human male. He can often be found in the company of mercanarys and pirates despite his code of ethics and honor, as he finds the grit and honesty of their world more appealing than the lies and bureaucracies of those that dwell in disillusion.

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