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Real name Madison Redecker
Gender female
Birth Date 8/16/96
Contact information

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This photograph was taken October eleventh, 2014 at Oktoberfest 2014, during selonia's first ever barrel trial.

Race: Yuan-ti/snake kin
Unit: Currently petitioning for House Raiders Den
Realm: Beornve

About: A long time ago, in a small kingdom in the mountains, two children were born out of wed lock. Dollie and Andromitah. She was abandoned out of shame by their mother, in a small gypsy settlement on the farthest edge of the northern kingdom. Eventually, adopted by a man whome she would learn to refer to as brother. Dollie never knew her mother, and knew anything of her twin brother until the age of sixteen. With the knowledge of her adoption fresh in her mind, she fled the settlement in search of her brother. Feeling betrayed and hurt by her family she searched for a new family, settling at last in the realm of beornve, Where she took a likeness to The Fellowship of Selonia. Though she would leave them after the discovery of mutiny in the unit. Currently, she runs with the house of Raiders Den.

Fighting Since: 2012
Weapons of Choice: Bow and arrow, or Florentine speed bats.
Events Attended:
Armageddon VIII
Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities 2013
Armageddon IX
Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities 2014
Oktoberfest 2014
Many more to come

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