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Practice Information

Fugl Brenna is currently one Shire. Each Shire has its own practice.

Barony of the Western Sun

  • Location: N/A due to COVID-19
  • Time: N/A till further notice
  • Contact: Lucius, Tad Cooper

Realm Leadership

Fugl Brenna maintains a democratic monarchy, with a king that oversees representation with official organizations. Lower (Regional) lords maintain organization of the smaller local groups.


King: Renegade
Event Coordinator: N/A
Secretary: Sir Limathias
Treasurer: Sava
Jarl: Lucius Drakeheart
Thane: Tad Cooper

Units Represented In Fugl Brenna

Members (A to Z)

  • Squire Duncan Dayne
  • Lord Syr Granifar Whitewolf Colverrak Stormblade the Younger, Blood Elite of the Elite Blood Falcons
  • Sir Ithel ap Ryce
  • Lucius Drakeheart
  • Luna
  • Oran
  • Ranger Renegade
  • Sava
  • Tad "Bad Dragon" Cooper
  • Tamran
  • Ranger Travis

Where You Can Find Us Online

Fugl Brenna Facebook Group
Fugl Brenna Instragram
Fugl Brenna Discord
Barony of the Western Sun Facebook Page
Shire of Helheim

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