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Name: Gwamyr Aikanaro
Race: Human (Faceless)
Realm: CrannMeigeall (Evansville, Indiana)
Unit: Undecided, yet petitioning for Dragoons
Fighting Since: 2005, Fought in other Medieval Combat, since 2002.




Born in the year 3001 of the Third Age, Gwamyr Aikanaro was raised on the outskirts of the abandoned fortress Carn Dum. He was raised by the evils of Angmar, which in turn made him spiteful and evil at heart. Learning these ways was not his true destiny so he fled from Carn Dum in the year 3015, to the Icebay of Forochel. On his way he is corrupted by the Dark Forces of the North, which includes the Khamul, the Witch-King, and others. His soul was stolen to further increase the power of the Darkness, in which case he became faceless. Here he meets a group of Rangers and soon he becomes involved heavily in this "kinship" of Men and Elves alike. While amongst this group of people, Gwamyr learns to fight with a sword, shield, and bow alike.


Towards the end of the year 3017 after traveling amidst with the Rangers of Forochel, Gwamyr takes leave with himself and supplies. As he makes his way south to help in the coming war against the evils of Sauron and his army. He stops in the village of CrannMeigeall, within the Forest of Fangorn, to help in it's defense against the darkness of Isengard.

Gwamyr was slain by Spork on 4/30/2006, this was a sad day. But, Spork still lives!


Gwamyr Aikanaro, is actually Dakota Madden from Evansville, IN. I am still in High-school and spend much of my time on the computer. I haven't spent much time on persona and it is a bit cheesy to me, but it's going to be fixed quite soon.

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