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Established in 2018 by Ulfar the Faeborn, Hravnhall was built on the ashes of another, older realm. The old Hall's name is never spoken. Ulfar is rebuilding the realm with help from Stygia, and is considered an outpost of Stygia at the moment. Hravnhall's story is chronicled in The Hall of Ravens.

Status: Active
Location: Helena, Montana
Year Founded: 2018
Fearless Leader: Ulfar the Faeborn
Practice: Sundays at Centennial Park 1pm - 4pm
Contact us by E-mail at


The Hall of Ravens

There once was a hall / Full of Vikings / Strong, broad and tall / They were striking / Swinging axe and sword and shield / They'd sing we will never yield / We'll fight until we fall / We are Vikings

There was a bloody feud / It was tragic / With a fae born brood / They were magic / No one remembers why / They’d kill and raid and vie / Their rage each day renewed / It was tragic

The Jarl had a son / He was handsome / The pride of everyone / He was mansome / Then one fateful day / A princess of the fae / Became his special one / And he her handsome

They had a secret wedding / Forbidden love / But secret loves and bedding / Are not enough / For peace they swore to strive / To keep their love alive / Or they'd soon be regretting / Forbidden love

The Jarl was sorely shocked / At their union / The fae king gravely mocked / Their communion / The couple stood their ground / They said peace now must be found / It’s time our leaders talked / Of our union

A peace the Jarl sought / He loved his child / A peace the fae king fought / With acts reviled / He took the Husband’s life / And banished his fae wife / The princess fled with naught / But unborn child

She left for far off lands / What could she do / She raised the boy into a man / And taught him true / Til he went forth one night / To seek out his birthright / She stayed in Japan / What could she do

He traveled far and wide / To find his home / Drew companions to his side / To fight and roam / Until at last he found / The broken battleground / The scorched and bloody tide / That was his home

No one alive remained / Only ravens / Each man and fae was slain / Brave or craven / Each son and daughter torn / Til none were left to mourn / No one alive remained / Only ravens

The heir said to the Hall / We will rebuild / He named it Hravnhall / Where blood was spilled / Ulfar the Hall’s new lord / Swore on his shining sword / I won’t let this be all / We will rebuild

There now is a Hall / Full of Vikings / Strong and broad and tall / They are striking / They swing axe and sword and shield / Singing we will never yield / We will drink to Hravnhall / And her Vikings

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