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War of Wrath 17'
Silica Vale 15'
Karps "of the Shallow Salt"
Deep one profile

Fighter name: Karps

  • Karps is a Bel/Dag/Amt Crossgamer based out of So-Cal. He one day hopes to "GEtGUd" but he'll likely just continue to help better his local belegarth community by volunteering at events and teaching all the noobs the one or two tricks he knows.

Mundane name: Devon-Michael Wilson

Race: Deep One Pacific Viperfish born -Fish Caste-

Fighting since: 2014

Realm: Andúril


Fighting style: Sword and Board (primary) florentine (secondary)

Events Attended

Belegarth/ Dagohir

  • Spring Finale 15', 16', 17'
  • Silica vale 15' 16'
  • Battle of sword coast 15'
  • Battle of Blackwater 16'
  • Fools raid 15', 16', 17'
  • War of Wrath 15', 16',17'
  • Werewolf treasure hunt 14', 15', 16'



  • Rough Draft

-very powerful wandering deep one gets stuck out in the desert. -he's attacked by bugbears! near death, he finally is able to scare them off. -crawling through the desert he nearly dies of dehydration. -until he comes according what seems like a mirage.. A perfect oasis, a beautiful spring with palms and fresh water.. -the deep one knows that even if this is just a trick of his mind he must still try.. -as the deep one gathers the last of his strength he makes it to the oasis to find that it is indeed what it seems.. -his power is too week however.. In his dying breath he calls out to Dagon.. -an apparition appears in front of him. -"I am the spirit of this spring" -the deep one pleads with the spirit.. "Help me.. I need to survive to aid Dagon in his quest..." -the spirit responds, "I have looked into your mind.. And looked into your past.. You are not worthy of life any more.. You are full of malice and hatred.. You know not of compassion only of glory.. But fear not.. Your God will accept your death as you completed your service.. Together we will give birth to something new.. Something better than your past self.. Grab my hand.. And you will know love.." -as the deep one reached out, the spirit accepted his seed.. She would now raise the polyp as her own..


-in time the polyp grew to be a fine specimen of the deep one race.. -but he grew hungry.. Hungry for his quest.. -educated of his almighty creator Dagon by his guide' the spirit of the oasis' he knew he must find a way out.. -time passed and he grew anxious.. -the were visitors now and again, wandering traders or dying warriors. Most would parish.. But from them he learned much.. -one day there was a caravan of feline creatures, whom had visited the oasis before.. They knew the spirit well now.. For she was compassionate and wanted to aid the weary travelers so long as she saw them as just. -the clever cats had asked her if they could take more than they needed.. So they could share with the townsfolk nearest by. -at first she was weary.. But she saw them as just. -the felines knew of the deep one.. They had taught each other much and they were friends.. -the head of the feline caravan 'a strong warrior type' had shown the spirit a large pot in which they were going to use to take the water from the spring.. -quickly and without notice the deep one jumped into the pot as they were filling it up. -after it was completed the felines left and began there venture through the desert -the spirit was saddened.. She felt betrayed by the felines.. As she was missing her deep one.. And she left her oasis to find them.. -the spirit could not make it far without her magic of the spring however she was able to catch up with them. -she charged her power and prepared for an attack on the caravan. -th felines, confused by her anger, prepared to defend themselves -the head of the caravan had drawn his sword and lead the defense -they had a great battle and the feline warrior had eventually worn the spirit thin -the deep one had witnessed the entire account.. With his head peeked out of the large pot..the dying spirit had seen the deep ones eyes.. And then she understood -she gifted her last breath to her child.. Knowing that without it he would have no chance of surviving.. -the felines were not angry not did they fear the deep one.. But they understood.. They now too had a quest.. To aid him. In any way they could..

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