Knights of the Steel Wall

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Knights of the Steel Wall


Grand Master: Ulderic (Wolfgar) Dallaire

Knight Treasurer: Kristopher (Kritter) Walter

Chancellor: Bradley Woods

Field Marshal: Dustin Veith

Sergeant-At-Arms: Shawna Bogart

We have practice 1 time a week

Thursdays at 5PM

At Central park in Aberdeen SD

During winter we fight in the gym at the ARCC

We are working on a web page, but we can be found on Facebook

Members: (Active)

Ulderic (Wolfgar) Dallaire

Kris (Kritter) Walter

Timothy (Bolk) Selzler

Shawna Bogart

Bradley Woods

Dustin Veith

Zach Wanttie

Nicholas Terry

Sam Doud

Christian Didier

Brittany Quinn

Danny Quinn

Honorary Members:

Carl (Fireyapper) Douglas

Ken (Wolf)

Ron (Chromis Maximes) Machan

Daniel (German) Althoff

Will Douglas

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