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Live Action Role Playing(L.A.R.P.)

It can be said that all medieval sports are LARP's. Any type of Role Playing game that consists of pretending that you are someone you are not that is surrounded by a game of any type may be called a LARP. LARPers can most often be identified by the funny clothing or garb, carrying foam weaponry, and talking about WoW or EverCrAcK. Most LARP's have magical abilities that players can obtain that are included in their system of combat.

Belegarth on LARP:
Belegarth is a LARP, but tends to lean more to a sport. Participants are more focused on looking good and fighting harder. The majority of participants are fighters and are focused on increasing their fighting skill. This leaves its society open when it comes to titles and peerages. The plus in this matter comes that Belegarth has one of the best combat fields of any LARP. The downside is Belegarth often ignores the people who watch from the side lines and non-fighters may get the impression that they are less than the fighter in the Belegarth Society.

Known National LARPS:'
Belegarth, Amtgard, Darkon, Dagorhir[tm], Nero, & SCA.

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