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Lady Armstong and her daughter the Lady Elizabeth


Fighter Information

Name: Lady Revell Armstrong
Actual Name:Ellie Apland
Gender: Female
Realm: Numenor
Primary Fighting Style:Needle & Thread
Secondary Fighting Style: Camera
Guilds: Artificer Guild
Fighting Since: 1996

Other Information

  • Married to Sir Thorin Strongarm of Numenor.
  • Children:Owen, William, Elizabeth
  • Proprietor of Lady Armstrong Designs.
  • Member and Master of the Artificer Guild.
  • Co-Creator of the Guild System
  • Her symbol is an earwig.
Lady Armstrong's Personal Symbol

Lineage: Artificer Apprentices

Old Horse Sir Bran

Events Attended

Lady Armstrong started fighting in 1996. You can find her at many events in the midwest with her family.

The Family of Lady Armstrong and Sir Thorin Strongarm.
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