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Heraldry of Middle Earth. Image courtesy of Naga

Middle Earth was originally a Realm that began in Danville, Illinois.

Founded in 1982 by Jeff Hutton (Beowulf the Dreamer).
Middle Earth was an old kingdom consisting of various territories across Illinois. In 2018 a decision was made to cease activity as a realm, and instead allow members to participate in their preferred realms and units while maintaining membership in an allied Household, organized along the lonstanding lines of the peerages and former territories.

Members of the House of Middle Earth agree to recognize a set of basic tasks for all squireships, a steadfast duty to service and improvement of the sport in whatever realms or units they are a part of, and a code of personal conduct for all members stressing dignity, honesty, compassion, and humility. Members agree to showcase the emblem of the Household upon their person in some form, be it a belt favor, tabard, shield, etc. And they agree to do their utmost to respect the unique history and legacy of Middle Earth, keep it alive always, and pass it along to all.

The Steward of Middle Earth maintains the ledgers of the Household, detailing memberships, active beltlines, and all lore and other documents. They may also call official meetings of the Household at any event during which at least one dozen Household members are present, if there is a need to discuss any current matters the Household faces.

All active citizens of the former territories of the Realm of Middle Earth, as well as all active Knights, Squires, and Pages of the realm, are welcome to contact the Steward to join and have their names added to the ledger. In doing so they agree to abide by the above standards.

Current Steward of Middle Earth: Sir Durnaur ThoronMegil

Active Knights:

  • Sir Gheldar Blackthorn
  • Sir Durnaur ThoronMegil
  • Sir Istlyn Kenlyl
  • Sir Kaigar Vegulfr Lodbroksonr
  • Sir Galashath HarArato
  • Sir Grimmwolf McBadass
  • Sir Sahnz
  • Dame Idril Frostfoot
  • Dame Black Betty
  • Sir Oroku

Current Active Members:

Historical information on the longstanding peerage of Middle Earth, copied from the Peerage Lineages page, names listed below are not automatic members of the house, but may request membership


His Majesty, Arion Rightful King of Middle Earth (1985)

  • Sir Geoffery of Bright Hills (b. 1985-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Arion Windwalker (b. 1985- Middle Earth)
      • Sir Morgan Talon (b. 1985- Middle Earth)
      • Sir Gimil (b.1985-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Hepzeth Ducanthrax (b. 1985-Middle Earrth)
        • Sir Sigurd of the Singing Bow (b. 1989-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Dragonbane (b.1986-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Randall Wainwright III (b.1986-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Gheldar Blackthorn (b.1989-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Boudicca (b.199?-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Damon Starblade (b.1999-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Gayne (b.2000-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Wolgfar (b.2000-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Kaigar Vegulfr Lodbroksonr (b. 2012-Middle Earth)
        • Sir Galashath HarArato (b.2015-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Durnaur ThoronMegil (b.2014-Middle Earth)
        • Dame Black Betty (b. 2017 Beornve - Heroic Knighting)
        • Dame Idril Frostfoot (b.2018-Middle Earth)
        • Sir Sahnz (b.2018-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Griffon (b. 198?-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Detrick (b.199?- Middle Earth)
    • Sir Alberich (b. 1991-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Vilhem (b.1991-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Gamalon Pendragon (b.1991-Middle 0Earth)
      • Sir Red Wolf (b.1993-Middle Earth)
        • Sir Michael of the Halflands (b. 1994-Middle Earth, Knighted By King Red Wolf)
          • Sir Percival (b.1999-Ered Duath)
            • Sir Julian Lunnan (b.2006-Erad Duath)
              • Sir Diomedies (b.2007-Erad Duath/Highlands of Chaos)
                • Sir Horati (b. 2014-Frost Hills)
                • Sir Azreal (b. 2015-Babylon)
                • Ser Shirl Ravenlocke (b. 2015-Rath/Highlands of Chaos)
                  • Saint Sir Ostrida the Scholar(b.2018-Rath)
                • Sir Thumbs (b.2018-Stygia)
      • Sir Willian Pendragon (b.1993-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Kalador Gamalon (b.1991-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Thanos Dur Terrakhan aka Sir Thane (b.1993-Middle Earth)
        • Sir Tasis Roundedeau (b. 1995- Highlands of Chaos)
        • Sir Dormin (b.1995- Highlands of Chaos)
        • Sir Cedric Winterbourne (b.1995-Highlands of Chaos)
          • Sir Stalin (b. 199? – Highlands of Chaos)
          • Sir Malcovian (b 1999- Highlands of Chaos)
            • Sir Locutus (b. 2000-Highlands of Chaos) (Knighted by Sir Ralimar as Sir Malcovian retired)
          • Dragoon Ralimar (b.1999-Highlands of Chaos)
            • Dragoon Dopp (b. 2003-Highlands of Chaos)
              • Dragoon Itan (b. 2005-Highlands of Chaos)
              • Dragoon Sare (b. 2018-Pyke)
            • Dragoon Plithut (b. 2010- Highlands of Chaos)
              • Dragoon Shino (b.2013-Babylon)
                • Sir Slate (b. 2016-Babylon)
            • Dragon Aphex (b. 2010-Babylon)
              • Dragoon Kurgan (b. 2013-Babylon)
            • Dragoon Elerosse (b. 2010-Pyke)
            • Dragoon Orren (b. 2010- ???)
          • Sir Kaegan Hume (b. 2004-Highlands of Chaos)
            • Sir Rem (b. 2016-Rath)
          • Sir Turin Adlerik (b.1996-Ered Duath)
            • Sir Juggernaut (b.2018-Grey Haven)
            • Sir Bowen (b.2000-Ered Duath)
              • Sir Andrek (b.2004- Acheron)
                • Sir Phira (b. 2013-Mountain Mercs)
                  • Sir Oroku (b.2015-Stygia)
            • Sir Willian MacGregor (b. 2002- Ered Duath)
              • Sir Sasquatch (b. 2006- I Anga Emyn)
            • Sir Elkar aka Koldar (b. 1997- Ered Duath)
          • Sir Spriggot (b. 2005- Highlands of Chaos)
          • Sir Necronos (b. 2008- Highlands of Chaos)
            • Sir Kage (b. 2014-Highlands of Chaos)
            • Sir Alom (b. 2017-Ered Duath)
          • Warmaster Soo Ma Tai (b.2011-Stygia)
            • Warmaster Hakan (b. 2014-Stygia)
              • Warmaster Kord (b. 2017-Norcalia)
            • Warmaster Zeldrine Cold (b 2015-Acheron)
            • Warmaster Forkbeard Rex (b.2015-Aquilonia) (Heroically)
            • Warmaster Bacchus (b. 2017-Sunspear)
            • Warmaster Bruja (b. 2017-Babylon)
            • Warmaster Valas Hune (b.2012-Stygai) (Heroically)
              • Warmaster Yaga Malark (b.2016-Stygia)
          • Sir Airia (b.2016-Rath)
        • Sir Whargoul (b. 2006-Highlands of Chaos)
          • Sir Karion (b. 2010-Highlands of Chaos-Exiled)
          • Sir Leaf Aurumnsonge (b. 2011- Highlands of Chaos)
            • Sir Zuloo (b. 2016-Stygia)
            • Sir Acrid the Scarecrow (b.2017-Barradun)
        • Sir Par Mertyns, Lord of Mistwood (b. 2008- Highlands of Chaos)
          • Sir Rahvin (b. 2012- Highlands of Chaos)
          • Sir Anastasia (b. 2013-Western Flame) (Heroically by Sir Par)
            • Sir Torix (b.2017-Saracor)
          • Sir Cheeseheart (b. 2014- Western Flame)
            • Sir Kael Prime (b. 2017 - Western Flame)
          • Sir Shato (b. 2015- Western Flame)
          • Sir Dickey (b.2016-Rath)
          • Saint Sir Ostrida the Scholar (b.2018-Rath)
    • Sir Pathfinder (b.1994-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Kyrik McJaggar (b.2005-Middle Earth)
        • Sir Istlyn Kenlyl (b.2012-Middle Earth)
      • Sir Kolton (b.2004- Middle Earth)
      • Sir Donnovan aka Sir Crom (Re Born. 2001-Middle Earth)
        • Sir Shatterhaze Derpanzer Alaireotter (b. 2004-Middler Earth)
    • Sir Storm Kirin (b.1995-Middle Earth)
    • Sir Rylan D'Sartek aka Sir LaSalle) (b.1998-Middle Earth) (Stripped)
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