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Years Fighting: 17

Realms: Dur-Demarion, Pentwyvern, Avalon, and Northlands

Units: Black Rose (Mercenary), Brotherhood of the Falcon, DA, and EBF (for the rest of his life.. ) Currently Master of the List for the EBF

Weight: 300

Height: 6'3"

Currently the National Warlord of the Elite Blood Falcons EBF , and in a past life and 100 pounds lighter, he was known to be Founder of the Dark Angels. Some even say while in a drunken state, and because of a side bet with Ivan Onyx was known as the founder of the realm Northlands.

Never beaten in a shield bash competition and never beaten in a challenge battle while leading the Elite Blood Falcons (EBF) into a fight.

Now it is rumored that as he is beginning to see the sun setting on the Great Empire known as the Triad, (that he has controlled with Kegg's help for over a DECADE!) that he and his group of Elite Cult members have been using science in order to preserve and expand their EVIL domination! Now they have been exposed, using these SINISTER SCIENTIFIC METHODS to ensure the world domination begun so long ago. The only know facts that have been uncovered just recently were found in a memo from Lord Onyx to Granifar bragging of their sick perversions and his success in his EVIL schemes... It is a must read for all those oppressed by this EVIL organization The Galin Project. We will continue to update the investigation and follow the leads we have been given into their sick plots but listen for reports on the The Usal Project Fat men gone bad..

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