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One of the original four Elite Bloodfalcons and current EBF Warlord of Dur-Demarion.

Rache' Kallmirsson, born in exile to the Tribe Renshai. The tribe was banished to what became known as Devil's Island. The Renshai were reveled by most for their skill with the sword, but feared by all races and clans for their ferociousness and lack of morality in Martial Warfare. The Renshai Tribe being believed extinct by the beginning of the Great War of the North, and Rache' Kallmirsson being thought dead by the end of the war have both since reemerged looking for new beginnings. The Tribe Renshai flourishess with new life in the Northern Isles and Rache' Kallmirsson has taken root in the Southern Continents within the realm of Dur-Demarion as one of the founders and leaders of one of the most renowned Units in Belegarth history; The Elite BloodFalcons. Rache' known in prophecy as The Golden Haired Devil, was the first WarLord of Dur-Demarion and now holds the title of EBF WarLord as well.


Rache', aka Harvey Butler, was killed in a boating accident in September of 2013. He is missed by all Belegrim who knew him. http://www.wsmv.com/story/23313012/percy-priest-lake-accident

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