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Crest of Rochdôr

Lexington, KY

Founded: 2004
Revived: 2010

Realm Officers/Representatives:


Tuesday - 7:30pm till Dark - UK Stoll Field Coming Soon


Atop a plateau in the center of the great realms of Belegarth, the mysterious land of Rochdôr stirs to motion.

It is a lost land, avoided for ages by all civilized men. Floating on the rivers that encircle Rochdôr, those who pass from place to place have looked to the high lands and told themselves, 'There is naught here for me.'

Centuries unfolded in this dark and bloody land. In seclusion, the barbarians of Rochdôr developed their own untamed strain of noble civilization... but tinged with the madness of pipeweed, strong spirits, and powerful horses.

It is well for the other realms of Belegarth that the new warriors of Rochdôr are spread thinly over the rolling hills atop the plateau, for their noble hearts pound the blood of their berserker grandfathers.

Woe upon ye who cross the dark and bloody land of Rochdôr. When last I met with its warrior clans, now so politely called Households, I supped with them as a friend. And still I left their lands afrighted...

- Slavo Pynski of Zarnestria

Rochdôr was founded around 2004 by Valder and gained around 20 members before disappearing in late 2005.

In July 2010, Aldric started his efforts to revive the Realm which continue to this day.

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