Second Annual Western Wars XI

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Uprise in the Empire

The setup

For many years, the Babylon Empire and it's capitol, Babylon, have shined like the light of the sun in the west, an oasis for warriors and artisans alike. But every empire falls.
The decline of Babylon did not happen in one day, nor is it's fate sealed. But time and distance have taken their toll on the seat of Emperor Dyse's lands. Veterans have moved to the many strongholds of the Empire, and the balance of power has shifted.
The realms within the territory struggle for supremacy. The stronghold of Tir na nOg in the bountiful valley won a decisive battle against the Empire, and with that its independence. In the 18th year of Chaos, a Babylonian warrior brought the Empire under the banner of Pyke, the remnants in Babylon by force of will and the Free Men of Tir na nOg by treaty, to win the Realm Cloak and glory as the supreme realm of Chaos Wars.
Time marches forward, and a new year comes. Babylon struggles to regain its former glory against the rival stronghold of Pyke. Tir na nOg both hungers to see its own heraldry on the coveted Realm Cloak and suffers its own growing pains. The young stronghold of Masamang Dugo, seeing the volatility of the Empire as an opportunity, builds and break alliances to secure their standing in the new order. Friendly travelers, once welcomed in the Empire, see themselves bought, begged or stolen into the ranks of the feuding realms. Who will dominate the Empire, and lead its troops to the Highlands of Chaos once more, at this Western Wars?


This Western Wars, Oregon Bel realms are battling for the rights to claim the Empire's troops at Chaos Wars 19. Realms are encouraged to build, and even betray, alliances to secure their place at the top. Because we know there will be out-of-state attendees and unaligned cross-gamers, bribing and bargaining to build your army is encouraged.

Scenario battle setup
This story starts as so many do in Babylonian lore - "Many years ago at Western Wars..." - but quickly takes a darker turn. You see, this is the story of Blood Tron, a blade which was neither bought nor built by any citizen of the Empire. It simply appeared in the woods, searching for a master with an ominous whisper on the wind, "Take me. Make them bleed."
Bleed they did.
Loki was the first, his nose smashed by a mighty swing. Blood streaming from his face, he marked the blade and it was named. This was only the first. Seven more faces fell victim to the blade, countless warriors were maimed. Before long, the blade became synonymous with pain, and the citizens of the Empire begged its master to destroy it. At first he resisted, the blade holding sway over him, but in time he relented, able to see the destruction it caused. The blade was dismantled and its core lost. The fear it struck in the hearts of heroes turned to campfire stories.
But a blade of such power, such blood-lust, will not stay lost forever.
The drums of war sound across the Babylon Empire. Warriors prepare themselves for the coming battles, the smell of armor oils and the clangs of weapons fill the spring air. Mercenaries from neighboring lands clamor at the boarders, anxious to sell their sword to the highest bidder. From her stronghold, Nysa gazes from a window across the lands unified under the banner of Pyke. "Soon," she whispers. Soon the tension will reach a fever pitch and Pyke will make its move for the Empire.
As she steps away from the window, her eye catches a shadowy figure darting out of the room. Startled, she whips around, her bow in her hand and an arrow nocked even before she is facing the door from which the intruder escaped. She calls out for Remy who rushes to her side, blade in his left hand and the Chaos Baby in his right. Their eyes meet, then together find the purpose for the strangers visit; an ominous message painted on the wall.
"Blood will flow. The blade is reforged."


In every coup - modern, ancient, and fictional - there is an element that serves as a game changer - a weapon, a relic, a sacrifice, or an atrocity - that acts as the catalyst; as a legend of Babylon, somehow Blood Tron manages to be all four.
Blood Tron is being reforged, as accurately as memory can (with some alterations for safety), for use during scenario battles on Saturday. A min-red dealing poison damage, use of Blood Tron will be granted to the winning realm of the Prelude scenario battle (Friday afternoon).

The deets

The Second Annual Western Wars 11 To be held May 28th though the 31st, 2015 at Metzler Park near Estacada. (Basically we realized that we advertised WWXI two years in a row, so this was actually Western Wars XII.)

The staff

Host/Overlord for Life - Huma
Event Coordinator - Nysa
Assistant Event Coordinator - Dragoon Shino, Squire Slate
Head Herald - Remy
Feast Event Coordinator - Sarca
Head Weapons Check - Drayko with the help of all them Horde folk.
Head Arrows Check - Oroku

The schedule:

Thursday Arrival Day
Campsite check-in: after 1pm
Fighting: 2-dark
Troll: 3pm (Huma/Nysa)

Friday Troll: 9am-dark (Nysa)
Weapons/arrow check: 9-10am (Drayko/Oroku)
Fighting: 10am-1pm
Lunch: 1-2pm
Fighting: 2pm-dark
- Prelude (scenario battle) 3-4pm (Nysa)
- Tournament 1 - Washers: 6pm (Slate)
Silent Auction: 4-7p (Sipris)

Saturday Troll: 9am-10am , 12pm-dark (Nysa)
Weapons/arrow check: 9-10am (Drayko/Oroku)
Fighting: 10am-1pm
- Tournament 2 - Red: 12pm (Slate)
Lunch: 1-2pm
Fighting: 2pm-dark
- Scenario battle 1: 2pm (Nysa)
- Scenario battle 2: 3pm (Nysa)
- Tournament 3 - Single Blue: 4pm (Slate)
- Tournament 4 - Champs: 5pm (Slate)
- Tournament 5 - Archery: 6pm (Oroku)
Feast/Awards: 6pm (Sarca)

Sunday Clean up and go home.

The awards

For three days and three nights citizens of the Empire and mercenaries from abroad fought. The stench of blood and sweat, and of beer and meat, hung in the sticky air, both encouraging and exhausting those who met on the battlefield at Metzler. On the fourth day, weary from their battles - those of sword and those of drink - they departed for their homes, throughout the Empire and home to other lands, spreading news of the war.
Across the Babylon Empire a new banner is hurriedly raised by peasants and houses of note alike, lest the savage victors of this Western Wars decide to pillage lands that do not bow to them. Returning warriors do not store their weapons and armor, but instead ready them aside for repair before the next battle.
Let this be a warning to those who challenge the Babylon Empire at Chaos Wars.



The armies of Babylon - led by Huma, Tir na nOg - led by Bael, and Masamang Dugo - led by Milk, fought gloriously and with great honor, but could not push back the overwhelming force of Pyke - led by a Blood Tron-wielding Remy. Pyke dominated all three scenario battles.
As agreed, Oregon fighters attending Chaos Wars XIX will fight under the banner of Pyke. Bring honor to Pyke and the Empire by bringing the Realm Cloak home again!

Mantle of the Empire: Pyke
Single blue Tourney: Drayko
Red Tourney: Wulf
Champions Tourney: Silo
Archery Tourney: Kelik
Washers Tourney: Fish and Kaber

The rules

Due to the large amount of issues last year, Western War's will no longer be doing blanket covers of campsites. Every person is now responsible for their own camping area. The Rangers due to new policy's, cannot hold campsite's for us from any Online Reservations, HOWEVER they are willing to help direct (not force) people AWAY from where we are camping during the event if they show up to camp.

So the following information is going to be VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO READ.

Western War's will NOT be charging an EVENT FEE this year. There will however, be a feast fee. Nothing crazy, just pays for cost of food.

We will be camping at the southern campground area. So sites 1 thru 27. Main Fire is at Site 15 which I've already reserved.

What this mean's is that if you want your own campsite to yourself and not have to share it, you pay for it. Or, if you and a bunch of friends get together and share the cost, it's pretty inexpensive.

HOWEVER there is a HARD CAP of 8 people and 2 tents per site (3 in rare cases). This year it won't be reasonable me bitching at you, it will be the rangers if you are breaking this rule as I'm done with trying to be responsible for my loveable friends.

So what will you need to do? You can either show up and hope for the best, or TWO (The best Option) get together with your friends and RESERVE A CAMPSITE NOW. The longer you wait, the more likely the spot you may want will be taken. Including NON-Event campers.


Step 1: Go here - and click on "make an online reservation"

Step 2: Pick the site and days that you want. And pay for it, for 3 nights it's $86.

Again this year we will have WRISTBANDS for those of you who are over age and wish to drink Alcohol. Please put ALL Beverages in a PERIOD DRINKING VESSEL. The ONLY exception is water.


If you are underage I know you guys like to have an enjoyable time. Just BE RESPONSIBLE, Don't let me catch you with Alcohol. The best thing you'll get is a huge tongue lashing and at the worst I'll make you pack up and leave. You're being irresponsible is not worth the risk to getting EVERYONE in the event kicked out.

Last year we did have a few, small, noise complaints. If you keep to the trees and campsites, noise is REDUCED to almost zil. Stick to campsites and not being annoying out on roads and bathroom areas. If you are in THESE areas and being LOUD. I (or someone responsible) will come FIND YOU. Don't make us do this and have to yell at you.

Please be PREPARED for RAIN. Expect it to rain at LEAST once at the event. There will be picnic tables and fires ONLY in fire-rings. There are also trash cans though out the campgrounds.There are ALSO recyclables bins set up in one or two places. Please use them!

Again, we are in a park where hard working people are each day to make sure we have super nice parks like this to camp in and enjoy. DO NOT THROW YOUR SHIT ON THE GROUND. DO NOT THROW CIG BUTTS ON THE GROUND SO HELP YOU GOD IF I SEE YOU! This also means no rampaging and destroying park things.

There WILL be SHOWERS and REAL PLUMBING at this event! If you DO need tents, sleeping bags, or what have you to NOT die at this event. Contact me, I'll make sure you won't.

I can't wait to see you all! Safe Travels!

Park Camping Rules


• Campers must be in approved camping shelter designed specifically for overnight camping (no car camping or sleeping under the stars). • Two tents OR one Recreational Vehicle and one tent allowed per campsite; up to eight people allowed per campsite. • The first vehicle is included in campsite fee. Extra vehicles are $5.00 per vehicle per night. No more than two vehicles in a campsites; excess vehicles must be parked in overflow parking and display an Extra Vehicle Tag. • Check in time is 3:00 pm; Check out time is 1:00 pm. • Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am daily. • Gates are LOCKED from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am daily and only opened for emergencies. • Fires must be confined to designated fire grills/pits. Do not leave fires unattended and extinguish before vacating the campsite. • Group picnicking in campground with non-campers is prohibited.

Alcohol • Your reservation serves as your permit for alcohol. Alcohol is permitted on your site only. Public display of intoxication, underage drinking or disorderly conduct will result in immediate eviction without refund. • Kegs are not allowed in the campgrounds. They are allowed in the picnic areas by special use permission.

Pets In a spirit of cooperation we ask that you and your pet abide by the following rules: • Two domestic pets are welcome, but must be on a leash no more than six feet long. Keep pet leashed and under control at all times. Pets that are unruly or display aggressive behavior will be asked to leave. • Pet should never be left unattended (that means in RV's, tents, cars, campsites, etc). This tends to make them bark or dig which disrupts other’s recreation. • Clean up after your pet whether on your site, in the woods or along the road. (Why clean up even in the woods? We want to encourage the wildlife to stay around. Doggy scents can repel the native animals.) • Pets are not allowed in buildings.

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