Semtatem Rufius Clavicus

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Semtatem Rufius Clavicus preparing to stab a charging Darth Cheeseheart at Fool's Raid, 04/03/2010


Adspectus (At a Glance)

Home Realm: An Tir Dearg
Unit: Legio XXV Fidelis Constans
Fighting Since: May 2009
Age: 17
Location: St. George, UT
Styles: Gladius and scutum, a couple of pila, and a trusty little pugio
Why Belegarth?:

Pars Belegarthi (Role in Belegarth)

Semtatem Rufius Clavicus is a founding member and currently the Praefectus Castrorum of Legio XXV Fidelis Constans in the realm of An Tir Dearg in St. George, UT. As second-in-command of the Legion, and one of the voting Tribuni, he is actively invovled in all fundamental training and decision making. He takes to the field with gusto each and every time and takes on the responsibility of welcoming and briefing new fighters on the basics of Belegarth rules before their official orientation with Realm leadership.

Semtatem Rufius was promoted to the rank of Praefectus Castrorum on Wednesday, September 14th, 2010 Khalon Antonius began his sabbatical of undetermined length from Belegarth for personal reasons.

Palma (Decorations)


  • Former An Tir Dearg realm secretary


Event Attendance

Semtatem Rufius Clavicus and Tiberius Claudius Marcellus driving off a courageous, but entirely unintelligent (and shortly thereafter, dead) barbarian at Fool's Raid, 04/03/2010

War of Reckoning (02/06/2010)
Fool's Raid (04/03/2010)

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