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Fighting Since: 2004

Real Name: Ruben Padilla

Fighting Name: Shy aka the Fourth Khadine

Realm: Slums Of Ebonhold


Other: Ninja

Ruben is a goblin from the frozen tundra of Ebonhold. He holds the title of Warlord of the EBF. He was blooded as a Khadar at Battle for the Ring in 2016 completed his Reaving trial there, killing 446 enemies on the field on the final day of the event. He completed all of the Khadine trials and conquered his Crossroads at Battle for the Ring in 2017, becoming the Fourth Khadine.

In his own telling:

My story begins as a simple goblin living in the Black Tundra . I was recruited by the Horde as a feral monster under Commander Shrat. During a training day these things called GELFs raided my village in the slums of Ebonhold. They knocked me unconscious with sleep gas bombs . When I woke I was in a cell with humanoids known as Melee Moses the vanilla gorilla and Battle Christ the drunken break dance master. We were infected with the G.E.LF virus turning us into Genetically Enhanced Life Forms. My green skin is now pink and it is odd although it turns green when I am really mad!!

After a few years of being forced to fight for the Gelfen Empire Moses rallied some people and we managed to break free from the GELFs. We followed a righteous path and we were known as God Squad . We battled we soo many foes and won soo many victories. After a while I grew distant. Maybe it was the GELFen voice in my head which sometimes would manifest like a vision of a fox, or maybe it was all in my head. After a few years I no longer felt religious and grew further apart from the rest of the G.S members so I left the organization to pursue enlightenment.

On my travels I stumbled upon a wounded man with golden hair. I honestly thought it was a woman at first. He was being attacked by 5 assassins. I stepped in saved him with my GELFen powers and he honored me as his Brother. I donned the red and black and joined his Band of Brothers known as the Elite Blood Falcons. Our goals were very similar: to always better ourselves and seek new heights.

After years of being with the EBF on my travels out east during a mission I met Kazi, a Khadine of Skribbit. Growing up with the GELFs I never got a chance to learn about goblin culture which is why I'm a weird ass goblin and not normal. But I remembered Kazi from a battlefield long ago and decided to stay and learn about my culture and find the inner rage that is what it means to be a goblin of Skribbit. Soon after my trials as Khadar began and would forever change me. There were many who aided me along the way: my Trusted Swords, Brothers, my Witchdoctor, a wild and ancient Khadine from the distant past, and a tiny but ferocious goblin who was also walking the Khadar’s path. After a year of Reaving, Raging, Waring, Stealthing, and Championship I had reach the Crossroads to fully unlocking the rage that is Khadine. When I defeated the last of my foes the tiny one gave me a cloak marked with Skribbit’s symbol and filled with his power for I am now Shy the Fourth Khadine and my quest does not end here.

Shy's Khadine Crossroads:

Shy's War Trial:

Khadine Shy preparing for his Reaving Trial.
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