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Name: Smog
Used to be: Ademaro
Real Name: Josh Hill
Race: Hobgoblyn
Realm: not too sure...
Unit: None, fighting with Horde is da funest, me was fighting wit da tribe of crushbone, but dat no longer be now me kinda just lone hobgoblyn running da realm. but me no really neeed unit yet, stupid pinkies and pointy ears be of no trouble to smog, although he do wish he see da horde more often, da fun to fight wit..
Fighting for: 5 years
Events: Dur-Demarion Opener 06, Equinox 06, Oktoberfest 06, and Spring Wars 07 Equinox 08 Ragnorok 07 Equinox 08 Ragnorok 08 Oktoberfest 09 Olympics 10

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