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Name: UnDaRR

Race: Hat Troll

Style: Sword and Board

Unit: Crushbone Tribe

Realm: Neldoreth

Fighting: February 06 (Previously with Medieval Combat Group since 2003)

Events: Dur-Demarion Opener 06, Oktoberfest 06, Spring War 07, Beltaine 07


No one knows much about UnDaRR except what took place after he was found... He was first found amongst the trees at Oktoberfest... He remained unseen, merely watching the battles the warriors were fighting... In the dark of night, he wandered upon the Camp of the Horde, knowing them to be the fiercest of Monsters... It was there that UnDaRR became the only of his kind in the Crushbone Tribe, a small force created by Zaz'grug the Conjurer to fight back the Dwarven forces near the borders of Neldoreth... Once becoming part of the Tribe, UnDaRR has been the assassin of Crushbone, stealthily killing all those who oppose his Monster brethren....

We no it time for Monsterz to rise agin...


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