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Mundane Name:Danielle Purdy[1]

Race: Unicorn

In Bel Since: 2015

Titles:Squire Apprentice Unicorn of Andor and Hydra. Founder to the House Questeros. Mother of her Race. Bringer of Glitter. Fixer of All things. Andor Arbiter.

Materialized into our Plane of Existence:1080AD

"Just like pinkies, we are really self-serving when you get down to it. So there are probably unicorns on both sides. I am an opportunist."

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A Legend is Born Created

Sit down traveler, you must be tired. Let me tell you a story of a mythical legend... Let your mind wander to a time before you, 1080AD, to a land we know now as Northern Ireland. A wizard with a history one could only imagine had one goal, to create a being of purity, sugar, glitter, and magic. The reason why is lost, but the wizard had a reason, an underlying mission. No one is sure if it was for good or evil, but the wizard had succeeded. This being is considered the first unicorn, but that is naive. The being was once an Alicorn, but a punishment resulted in the loss of its wings. The now unicorn left their wizard, the only remnant of them is a stone around their neck they never remove. Other unicorns are said to be temperamental, but not this one. No no, they were standoffish and reserved, unsure if it was for their sake, or really the sake of other monsters. The other monsters hunted them, they were formidable to say the least compared to modern pinkies, and as such the unicorn chose to avoid them. Their allegiance was only to themselves, but should they consider you a friend, you should be grateful. To a unicorn, a foe is just food that puts up a fight. Coming across this unicorn is a sight to behold, for they are not just any unicorn. They are THE UNICORN, THE FIRST UNICORN, MOTHER OF HER RACE, and let me tell you, dear traveler, she might be closer than you think

Unicorn Facts

-Her wings were taken as punishment by a dragon(and now is obligated to grant the dragon's wishes)

-Fond of the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Her wizard

-Follows them around almost everywhere btw

-Holds the power of regeneration

-Also has the power of "absolute truth"

-Pinkies can't lie to Her because of this

-No don't try

-Do you want to get eaten?

-Overactive Glitter Gland

-Just because you get covered in glitter doesn't mean you're about to be eaten... yet...

-Bangs totally aren't hiding a traditional red garnet on Her forehead

-Where did you get that idea, She's totally a muggle


-Cap took way too long making this(he probably said it was because of school)

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