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Name: Yackzog Bonechaos
Real Name:Derek
Used to Be: Rhonsus
Race: Night Goblyn
Realm: Neldoreth
Unit: Whateva / MWA Leader
Fighting for:1 year
Events: Equinox 06,Spring War 07
Alignment: Evil
Location: Grush'Nakh Outpost
Birthplace: Mulgore

History of Yackzog

Lived with the Shamans of Mulgore. Fought against the dwarves in the Badlands, Outlands, and The Marshlands for territory. Yackzog wondered Mulgore and all of Kalimdor for quite sometime, until finding a fellow Night Goblyn by the name of Zaz'grug met up with zaz'grug and joined the Bloody Sun Boyz and continued with them to attack the great Dwarven fortress of Karak Eight Peaks. This fortress of the Dwarven kind was thought to be impenetrable. Now residing at Grush'Nakh in Neldoreth as leader of the Bloody Sun Boyz / MWA / and co-leadership of Whateva.

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