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Insignia of the Clan of the Hydra
Clan of the Hydra Banner @ Oktoberfest '05

Clan of the Hydra is a unit that began as a realm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Oktoberfest 2004 was their first inter-realm event. During the summer of 2005, they participated in the Chicago-area mini-events, which included hosting their first event in August with an estimated attendance of 90 fighters.

In spring of 2006, Clan of the Hydra joined The Iron Crown and reorganized as a national unit. The realm in Madison where it all began was renamed Rhûn. This decision was undertaken for the following reasons:

  • The way that Clan of the Hydra was currently organized, it functioned more as a unit.
  • People fighting in Madison will not automatically have to put on the green tabard and fight for the Hydra. They may join any unit they wish.
    • This will allow members of Clan of the Hydra to stay Hydra after they move away from Madison or WI. Additionally, CotH will be able to recruit Hydra from outside of Madison.
  • In the future, other chapters of Hydra may form outside of where the main Hydra leadership resides.
  • Clan of the Hydra is not so much a place as a group.

The Unit's Symbol: The elaborate symbol for the unit represents the four founders of Hydra- Kayle, Sorbo, Djet and Rook. Djet and Rook no longer fight, while Sorbo has been eaten by the real life monster, leaving only one of the original founders, Kayle, actively fighting. Sorbo has recently returned to fighting and it is grand.

Clan of the Hydra focuses heavily on group tactics over individual fighting skill and trains heavily with support weaponry such as bows, spears, and glaives.This is by no means an entrance requirement, as of late, Hydra has been shifting to encompass all fighting styles. Many are sword and board fighters, along with Kenjii who fights with a red sword, Peregrine and Kyrian who've been known to rock a florentine set or two, and others who fulfill the traditional Hydra roles as line support fighters- like Chicken, Corosis, Porthos, and others.

The rank system for Clan of the Hydra is fairly simple. Newcomers ask to become petitioners, pending a decision from one of the Commanders as to whether or not they are Hydra material. From there, they are upgraded to Guards. From Guards, there can be two routes that lead to the same place. One can become Subaltern then Commander, or Guard to straight Commander.

Subalterns are realm specific Hydra members who are in charge of Hydra matters in that realm in the absence of a Commander. If there is a Hydra matter to attend to in a realm, it is the Subalterns that deal with it. They are also in charge of finding potential recruits, and generally being a good public relations officer for the unit.

Gypsie Rose, maintains the rank of Lord. Her purview is all matters off of the field.

Clan of the Hydra can be summed up in one word: humble (at least according to Big Jimmy). We're not the type of unit to wander obscenely drunk from camp to camp causing problems. We help each other, we help out events, we can hang out with each other socially. We earn respect through virtue.

Unit Officers:


  • Train - Guard (Grey Haven)


High Guards:

  • Kayle - Formerly Lord (Rhun)
  • Meat - Formerly Lord (Muxlovia)
  • Chicken - Formerly Commander (Byzantium)
  • Sorbo - Formerly Commander (Abroad)
  • Peanut- Formerly High Commander (Muxlovia)
  • Peregrine - Formerly Commander (Muxlovia)
  • Tulio- Formerly Commander (Rhun)
  • Winter- Formerly Commander (Andor)

Unit Guards:

Honorary Members

  • Elwrath- Honorary (Somewhere West)

Unit Petitioners:

  • Titan - Petitioner (Armored Penguins)
  • Lady Celeste - Petitioner (Duin-Tal)
  • Madrigal - Petitioner (Andor)
  • Shatterhaze - Petitioner (Carthage)
  • Luddi - Petitioner (Abroad)
  • Owen - Petitioner (Carthage)
  • Skia - Petitioner (Carthage)
  • Taurus - Petitioner (Muxlovia)
  • Aevex - Petitioner (Andor)

The Honored Fallen:


Clan of the Hydra at Rhun Closer 2013
Clan of the Hydra at Armageddon 2016

Hydra and extended at Gypsie Rose and Peanut's wedding.

Clan of the Hydra at Battle for the Ring 2020

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