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Name:Kraziks Gaborgalborg
Real Name:Clinton Basham
Race:Mountain Troll
Tribe:Crushbone Tribe
Events:Spring War07
Formerly:Hida Tsamru
Time in game:4 months
Fighting Style:Sword and Board


Kraziks was one of da Mountain trolls enslaved by the goblyns, but now we friends and I get to do a lot of crushing and stuff. But somedin keep buggen me why all des goblyns get to tell me what to do all da time. Why does Kraziks not get to choose. Me go find out...

During on of da last fights between da night goblys and da dwarfs I Kraziks was conjered by one of da night goblyns . Da night goblyn said "Dat'll be da ens of ya ya big buggah." and with that remark I did what I do best I smash and cracked every bone in that dworfs body until he was jelly.Now Krazics stands by the Night goblyns happy that day let him out of da prison. That had held him for many a year.

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